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ELTrainingTeam Privacy Statement

See the padlock or unbroken key in the address bar? If not, click HERE to load the secure version of this page.

EL Training Team takes your privacy at least as seriously as you do. Whether or not your browser shows it, we have obtained a security certificate and use the https:// protocol (the S stands for SECURE) for the authentication of our web site and the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data. This ensures that the communications between the you and this web site cannot be read or forged by any third party. We want to do everything we can to keep your communications, identity and web browsing private.

In addition, we promise the following:
  1. No pop-up ads.
    Pretty self-explanatory. We open links outside this site in new windows or tabs, but we do not use pop-ups.
  2. No unsolicited email.
    We will not send you unsolicited email. You will only receive email messages from us that are specifically related to any class you request, register to attend, or inquire for information regarding. If you do receive something from us unsolicited, we ask that you treat it as suspect and let us know so we can trace the fraud.
  3. Your personal information stays with us.
    We do not sell, distribute or share your information with third parties except as required. Yes, this is the fine print. As part of some classes, we are required to report your participation in the class to a third party such as the State of Texas or Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The information reported may include your name, date of birth, contact information, and ID numbers. For example, in order to certify someone as completing the Texas LTC class, we must notify the state, with identifying information for the individual. We DO NOT and WILL NOT share ANY of your information with spammers.
  4. Feedback is welcome.
    EL Training Team wants you to be a happy customer. If you did not receive exactly what you were expecting, we want to know. We cannot be as good as we want to be without feedback from you.
  5. We are approachable.
    Since we try to bring the training to you, we are a mobile Training Team. As such, we do not list a physical address, but you can always contact us. Your best bet is using our Contact Page, but you can also reach us on Facebook or by phone.
  6. No-nonsense return policy.
    We understand that life sometimes gets in the way of doing what we want. Accordingly, we will make every effort to accommodate your schedule. However, if we incur any costs due to a cancellation (range fees, deposits, etc.), we will deduct that amount from your refund.
  7. Credit cards are accepted.
    Even though we pay a processing fee to accept payment by credit card or debit card, the course prices are the same as with cash. Obviously, cash is preferred, but we offer this for your convenience and security over using a debit card.

Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have.

Professional Low-Pressure Training

Essential Liberty Training Team offers professional, low-pressure training for individuals and groups interested in learning. If you are looking for boot camp-style training, this is not for you. We prefer to start at your knowledge level and help you progress at your own pace. If you have the right attitude, we can provide the knowledge and help you acquire or improve your skills.

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