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License To Carry (LTC) Course Details


License To Carry (LTC) - Prep

This class is designed for students with little or no prior handgun experience who want to get their License To Carry (LTC) below. The classroom portion provides an introduction to firearm safety, handgun and ammunition terminology, types of malfunctions and how to respond, fundamentals of marksmanship, and how to safely operate handguns for self-defense. In addition, students will go to the range and practice safely loading, unloading and firing a handgun before shooting at the target used for the LTC Proficiency Demonstration.

NOTE: This class is not required as part of the LTC licensing, but will help the student be comfortable with what is required by the LTC Course.

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License To Carry (LTC) - Individual

This is the state-mandated course to get the Texas License To Carry (LTC) required by law to legally carry a handgun. The LTC is valid in Texas and in over 30 other states. The classroom time of 4-6 hours covers non-violent dispute resolution, safe firearm storage, laws regarding use of force, handgun use and safety, and holster requirements for open carry. The Proficiency Demonstration (shooting portion) included with this course consists of safely firing 50 rounds from a handgun and scoring at least 70% of the points available.

NOTE: This course does not teach the student how to shoot a handgun.The student should have a working knowledge of the handgun being used and how to shoot safely. For basic preparation, see LTC Prep, or another basic-level course like NRA Basic Pistol.

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License To Carry (LTC) - Multi-Pack

Volume discount for the Texas License To Carry (LTC) course above: Buy 3 at regular price, get 1 free; or buy 2 at regular price, get the 3rd for only $20!. Bring your friends, family and/or co-workers. We will make it a party!

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Handgun Carrying Basics

This class is a follow-up to the License To Carry (LTC) course above. Students will learn methods of carrying a handgun that are secure and accessible. Students will learn how to safely draw their firearm from the holster (open or concealed), present the firearm and get shots on target in just a few seconds.

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